Frequently Asked Questions

Will the chemicals used harm my children and pets?

We proudly use Bayer products. Bayer states that once the active ingredient has dried, typically within 30 minutes, your yard is safe for children and pets. The Bayer product we use has been manufactured from a flower and is both organic and 100% biodegradable.

What do you charge for a consultation?

Consultations are complimentary! Our certified technicians will be happy to provide an evaluation face-to-face or using specialized technology to quote your service by phone, text, or email.

Will Mosquito Net kill all the mosquitoes on my property?

No service can offer 100% protection from every mosquito. A mosquito from a neighboring property could wander into your yard and bite you before feeding on the treated foliage. However, you’ll find that the presence of mosquitoes is enormously reduced. Regular applications to your yard and home will keep the mosquitoes at bay. Mosquitoes rarely travel more than 300 feet. Encouraging your neighbors to treat their homes will greatly improve the efficacy of mosquito control.

We are confident that regularly scheduled mosquito control services will keep you mosquito-free. If you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our barrier spray services, contact us within 14 days of your treatment, and we will re-spray your property at no additional charge. If you're still not happy after your re-spray application, we will be happy to refund 100% of your purchase price for that treatment.

How will I know when Mosquito Net will be treating my home?

You will receive an alert by your preferred method of communication — either text, email, or phone call a day in advance. This allows you to secure children and pets prior to treatment.

Do I need to be present when the certified technician applies the treatment?

As long as the targeted areas are accessible, it is not necessary for you to be onsite. The certified technicians will leave a hanging door tag with the time of treatment and any recommendations about your yard.

What alternatives are available?

An all-natural treatment is available. It must be applied every 14 days. The treatment is a repellant and will not kill the mosquitoes.

How can the barrier treatment continue to kill mosquitoes for 21 days?

Our certified technicians identify the areas where mosquitos breed and target those areas with the barrier spray. The spray dries and adheres to the surface of leaves and shrubs. Mosquitos feed on these, ingesting the active ingredient in the spray.

Will the barrier treatment remain effective if it rains?

Yes, once the treatment has dried, within approximately 30 minutes, rain will have no dilutive effect on the treated areas.

Can I get a one-time treatment for a special outdoor party or event?

Absolutely! Mosquito Net is here to ensure your outdoor event is worry-free. Contact us to arrange a consultation for your upcoming event. In most cases, the treatment is applied one or two days prior to the event.

Does Mosquito Net service commercial accounts?

We definitely do. We service restaurants with outdoor seating, parks, recreational facilities, and many other outdoor spaces.